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Our Mission

Our team always tries to share the “how-to” and “guide” type articles for every tech-relevant problem. Basically, we post articles about Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

To acquire knowledge in different tech fields TechNab.com should be the best alternative on this planet!

Our mission is to help the people who are really thirsty for knowledge about computer and IT science.

You can contact us about your technological problem, The TechNab team will research it and will publish an article about resolving your problems.

Our Contributor

Matthew Howard

Computer Hardware Engineer

Matthew Howard is a computer hardware engineer. After completing his graduation, he joined a renowned networking tools manufacturing company as an IT specialist and hardware technician.

Being a computer hardware engineer and an IT network specialist, he has a vast knowledge of computer networking tools like a router, modem, Wi-Fi, Etc. Besides his profession, he loves to research and write on different topics with expert knowledge.

We discover Matthew through one of his blog posts that make us believe that he’s one that we should go for. Once we contacted him, we were fascinated by his knowledge and skill. He has enormous expertise in IT networks and computer hardware, and we want to utilize his skill and knowledge for all of you.

So, we offered him to join us here in “Technab” and share his expertise with a wide range of people. He gladly accepts our proposal and joins us. In technab, Matthew is working on Wi-Fi, router, modem, and other networking devices. He gives different tips, tricks, and quick fixing solutions for these tools.

Address: 4787 Leverton Cove Road, Agawam, MA 01001
Contact No: 413-281-8447

Jack Paul

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

Jack is an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. He has advanced knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix Mac operating system X, Windows Solutions on operating system X, MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook,  Power book, Power Mac, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other peripherals.

Jack has excellent technical proficiency over Macintosh service, and he operated a service center for MAC devices. We bring him to our team because of his colossal expertise in macOS and devices.

From the day he joined here, he tried to guide our audiences with all the necessary information for mac devices. He shares different tips, tricks, easy fixing salutation for Mac operating systems and devices.

Address: 45 Ben Street, Albany, NY 12207
Contact No: 518-262-7828

Donald Magee

Data Recovery Expert

Donald Magee is a data recovery expert. He has been in this field for more than a decade. There is simply nothing he doesn’t know about the data recovery process. He worked for three renowned data recovery firms as a part of the technical support team in his professional career, and now he is operating his own firm.

The best thing about Donald is he has expertise knowledge on internal, external hard disks, portable storage devices (SD cards, flash drive, etc.), expertise storage(SAN, RAID, NAS, etc.).

While looking for a data recovery expert, we found many people, but none have expert knowledge and skills like Donald. So we requested him to join our team, and he accepted our proposal. All the information you are getting about the data recovery process here in “technab” Donald is the man behind this.

In technab, Donald shares his expert knowledge to help you in data recovery. He shows the easiest way to structure files and systems, from basic-advanced level operations of hard disks, software and hardware troubleshooting, and different OS recovery processes.

Address: 1374 Heavner Avenue, Monticello, GA 31064
Contact No: 770-765-3949

Kathy Pellerin

Influencer Marketer

Kathy is an influencer marketer. She’s very popular on social media for sharing different tips and tricks fixing tutorials for social media problems. By profession, she’s a software and apps developer and working in a renowned software developer company.

Besides, she is trying to assist people who are facing complexity in social media with any problems. Kathy talks about all social media issues and gives them the most straightforward solutions. She has been with us from the beginning of our journey and shares different tips and tricks, various social media problems, and solutions.

Address: 4816 Gregory Lane, Louisville, KY 40299
Contact No: 502-494-0648

Fact-Checking And Editorial Guidelines

Technab is operated by a team of expert people who have expert knowledge on the particular category they are assigned with. So, with all the information they are providing, there is very little chance of misinformation.

However, we are committed to providing you with 100% correct information, and we aren’t going to compromise here. Our editorial team fact-checked all the information as per our editorial guidelines before publishing so that there is no misleading and wrong information.

Even when any update comes in the technological products, we quickly update our content with the latest information. So, when you are in “Technab,” you can stay relaxed because all the info you get here is 100% authentic and reviewed by experts.

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