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A Technology site that will share a lot of tips, tricks, tutorials, problems, and solutions in the field of the IT sector. TechNab, share the latest tech news, also!

At a glance, to improve your knowledge and skill in the tech sector, TechNab will help you 360 days a year!

MY Mission

I always try to share the “how-to” and “guide” type articles for every tech-relevant problem. Here on this “Technab,” I post articles about Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

To acquire knowledge in different tech fields, “TechNab.com” should be the best alternative on this planet!

My only mission is to help people who are really thirsty for knowledge about computers, modern technology/gadgets, and IT science.
You can contact me about your technological problem, and I will research it and publish an article about resolving your problems.

Who I Am?

Md Nurul Islam

Md Nurul Islam

Founder at TechNab.com

Hi, this is your friend Nurul Islam, the founder of the site  “Technab.” I am a computer hardware engineer. After graduation, I joined a renowned networking tools manufacturing company as an IT specialist and hardware technician.

Being a computer hardware engineer and an IT network specialist, I have sufficient knowledge of computer networking tools, hardware, software, Etc. Besides my profession, I love researching and writing on different topics with expert knowledge.

Therefore, before launching this site, I did a lot of surveys on people around the world and tried to figure out what they were looking for and what things about the technology made them into trouble. 

My survey found that most people don’t know enough about networking tools like a router, modems, Wi-Fi, Etc. They also face complexity with computer operating systems like Mac and windows. Some people have queries about data recovery and social media apps and tools. 

So, to help this vast audience with different tips, tricks, and quick-fixing solutions, I have created this site, “Technab,” where people will get the most straightforward solution for their issues.

Fact-Checking And Editorial Guidelines

All the information you get here in Technab is extensively researched, and data is cross-checked several times to ensure all the information provided here is completely errorless. Therefore, all the information you get from here has little chance of misinformation.

However, I am committed to providing you with 100% correct and authentic information, and I will not compromise here. I do fact-check all the information as per Technab editorial guidelines before publishing so that there is no misleading or wrong information.

Even when any update comes in the technological products, I quickly update my content with the latest information. So, when you are in “Technab,” you can stay relaxed because all the info you get here is 100% authentic and has been reviewed multiple times.

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