How To Lock Instagram?

People nowadays tend to share their personal lives with the rest of the world. In most cases, we create an account on social media platforms such as Instagram and upload different content. The reality is that most of us are unaware that some people can misuse this shared content. This is because the default setting …

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How to Repair Router No Power?

How To Repair Router No Power

If you’re like most people, you probably take your router for granted. You turn it on and off as needed, and that’s about it. But what if your router suddenly stopped working? What would you do? Often, routers malfunction due to power issues. And usually, the fix is as simple as unplugging the router, waiting …

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Powerline Adapter VS Wi-Fi Extender: Which One To Choose?

Powerline Adapter Vs. Wi-Fi Extender

Setting up effective and high-speed networking in a busy workstation becomes too much hassle for various reasons. To make things work smoothly, several newer technologies such as a Powerline adapter, wifi extender, or wifi repeater have been introduced. But each has its benefits and drawbacks that depend entirely on the user demand and setup area. …

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Can You Use Ethernet And Wi-Fi At The Same Time? [Here is How] 

Can You Use Ethernet And Wi-Fi At The Same Time

There is a common conception that connecting ethernet while using internet ensures much more speed than connecting to Wi-Fi. Though the majority of internet users use Wi-Fi when browsing the internet, you can’t ignore the number of ethernet users too. But, do you know an interesting thing? Many people want to use both Ethernet and …

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Is Wi-Fi Calling Free Internationally?

Is Wi-Fi Calling Free Internationally

Imagine you’re on a long trip to Europe, you’ve run out of your cellular balance halfway through, and you don’t have access to roaming right now. Then you remember that you could make calls using Wi-Fi instead of your cell service. But is wifi calling free internationally? Well, as it turns out, Wi-Fi calling can …

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