How to Recover Corrupted Clip Studio Paint Files?

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When using Clip studio paint sometimes the files may be corrupted although you saved it correctly. Similarly, the file may dysfunction the application. For this reason, the laptop or iPad may go shut down. According to the situation, the corrupted files occur problems for your device. Moreover, sometimes you may need that file, it was the result of your hard work for a long time. Hence, how to recover corrupted clip studio paint files?

Many ask for the solution of recovering the corrupted files as clip studio couldn’t open it. In this article, you will find the actionable tricks to recover corrupted or damaged clip studio files step by step.

Need To Mention

In some cases, when you are going to save a file, the PC crashed unexpectedly. After restart Clip studio no longer recognizes the file. It says “unsupported file format”. Is there a way to restore it? Is it fixed somehow? Before reporting to the administrator you should realize that this usually happens by file corruption. Depending on the state of the file it may be recoverable. Clip studio paint has a save function. Please check if there is a backup that can be opened normally. Anyhow, if you follow this article, you will find the complete methods of recovering clip studio paint files.

What Is A Corrupted Clip Studio Paint File?

Clip Studio Paint is a digital drawing and painting software for businesses and professionals. When you save a file and go to open it later, it may not work as it is corrupted. You see changes in the file extension or the extension is the same like the usual format (.clip), but you are unable to open it. You may think the file is broken or something like that. Actually, this is a corrupted clip studio paint file.

Can You Recover Corrupted Clip Studio Paint Files?

It is a common question in the forum or tech groups on social media, can I recover corrupted clip studio paint files? In most cases, the answer is yes. According to the situation, it is simple to recover. The hard work of you will come back again and furthermore, you can work with the recovered file.

Where Is The Clip Studio Paint File?

You will find all of the clip studio paint files in this location if you use any updated operating system— C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\CELSYSUserData\CELSYS\CLIPStudioCommon.

Location of Clip Studio Files

Even you can get the clip studio paint file from the setting gear icon.

  • Click on the setting (Please follow the screenshot)
  • Now go to Location Of Materials and click on Browse. You will get the exact file location here.
  • For advanced users, you can change the clip studio paint file location according to your needs. Don’t forget to click on Save Changes when modifying the location.

Thus, you can get the clip studio paint file location.

How To Recover Corrupted Clip Studio Paint Files?

Here, I have discussed 4 ways to get back the corrupted clip studio paint files. Let’s check the steps.

How to Recover Corrupted Clip Studio Paint Files

1. Is the Initial Backup Enabled, recover from here

If the initial backup feature is not enabled, it is nearly impossible to restore the unsaved files. On the other hand, if the backup is enabled but not working you cannot also restore unsaved files. So, first check if the feature is enabled although it is turned on automatically. Then you will get the backed-up files to that location.

For Windows:  C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\CELSYSUserData\CELSYS\CLIPStudioPaintData\InitialBackup

Clip Studio file location address Windows

For macOS:

Setting gear icon>Maintenance Menu>Open folder with Clip Studio Paint backup data.

For macOS

For Android:

Files app > CELSYS > CLIPStudioPaintData

From CELSYSUserData you will get documents backup or initial backup where you will see some files. Even you will get recovery backup files from here. Accordingly, you can recover the files.

2. Recover by scanning the system disk

It is an easy process, you can follow the below steps to check the system. The process helps to fix the corrupted files on your PC.

  • Click on Windows + R and write cmd then press Enter. It will open a command prompt
  • Now type CHKDSK (drive letter) /f in the command window for example chkdsk h: /f

Use Command Prompt

  • After completing this process please restart the computer and then try again to access the ClipStudio file.

Like so, you can get back the corrupted paint studio files.

3. Use Files Recovery Tool

If you have any files recovery tool you can try this to recover the unsaved files, deleted, corrupted, or lost files. For example, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard helps to recover deleted or lost clip studio files. It is one of the best paint file recovery tools. The tool helps you recover the deleted, lost, and formatted files. It comes with an advanced algorithm scanning engine that can scan and extract any files. When you get the files, just save it to your desired location and rename it. Now open it with Clip Studio Paint.

4. Contact the support desk

The support desk is an official CELSYS staff. He can speak fluent and various other languages. ​​ The host is an expert in software or artwork so he can directly answer your question: unsaved files or restored corrupted Clip StudioPaint. You can directly get solutions and staff support from here.


Hope the above discussion will help you to recover the corrupted clip studio paint files. We encourage you to use Cloud Backup for Paint Studio Files. It is very supportive in all cases. If you want to get support from us, you can make a comment. At the same time, share your strategies or methods which worked fine for you to get back the damaged files of Clip Studio Paint. Thanks.

Jack PaulApple Certified Macintosh Technician at - TechNab

After completing my graduation as a computer science engineer, I have also started my professional career in this sector. I have always loved to discover new branches of technology, research them, and understand their science from my childhood till now. In this Place, you’ll find information on computerized devices software and hardware-related tips, tricks, tutorials, problems, solutions in the field of the IT sector ...

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