Why Is My Mac Volume So Low?

Volume up on mac via touch bar

Worried why your Mac speaker’s volume is suddenly low? I remember putting my Mac volume to max, but the volume was still low. Has it ever happened to you? So, why is the Mac volume so low? If there are issues of low volume in your Mac, the problem would be the software that stores …

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How to Sync Google Drive on Mac?

How to Sync Google Drive on Mac

It’s without a doubt- Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services. And why not? It offers free storage, easy access from multiple devices, and a very user-friendly interface. Besides, when you save or copy files to Google Drive, they are synced with the same file on your other computers and devices. …

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How to Record Internal Audio on a Mac Without Soundflower?

How to Record Internal Audio on a Mac without Soundflower

Recording audio internally on your MacBook is possible, however, not if you install additional software. Several apps are available for this purpose, one being Soundflower. It is a MacOS kernel extension that works as a virtual audio input and output device. However, not every MacBook is compatible with Soundflower, such as Mac M1. In this …

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Why Is My Flash Drive So Slow on Mac?

Why Is My Flash Drive So Slow on Mac

Any USB flash drive can work on a Mac computer as long as it has been formatted to Apple File Systems [APFS]. However, flash drives file transfer rates vary among different brands, models, and USB versions. But why does this happen? Why is my flash drive so slow on Mac? Your flash drive is so …

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Can You Charge a Switch with a MacBook Charger?

Can You Charge a Switch with a MacBook Charger

It’s very important you use the actual Nintendo switch charger to avoid any damage to your console. But in case you lost yours, can you charge a switch with a MacBook charger? Yes, you can charge a switch with a MacBook charger. As both MacBook and switch use Type-C cable, the chargers are interchangeable. Which …

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Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot?

Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot

“I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for some time now. But it was only recently I noticed, the charger gets quite hot after it’s plugged in for like 20 mins. Why does my Mac charger get hot?” Your Mac charger, or any other charger, is likely to get hot when charging due to its internal …

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How to Go to the Root Directory in Mac?

How To Go To The Root Directory In Mac

The root directory is the top-most part of your Mac’s file system, storing essential directories and files. Many of these files and folders are hidden because they shouldn’t be tampered with. That said, only if you know what they are doing, this page on how to go to the root directory in Mac will help …

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How To Connect Airpods To Zoom On Mac?

With more and more people working from home, the need for video conferencing is on a gradual rise. One platform which is seeing it’s best days for this reason is Zoom. And if you’re using Apple products like Mac and AirPods, you probably want to know how to connect AirPods to zoom on Mac. Apple’s …

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