Can You Return Airpods To Amazon?

Can You Return Airpods To Amazon

Purchasing from Amazon is very convenient as it is hassle-free and allows you to select from high-end to budget-friendly AirPods. But can you return airpods to Amazon? According to Amazon’s policies, you can return your Airpods. Go to your order, select the item, click on a return option, and select why you want to return …

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How To Block A Number On iPhone?

how to block a number on iphone

Are you getting irritated with unwanted spam calls or your ex or that one annoying friend keeps calling you? Then you need to block that number. The process of blocking numbers on your android and IOS varies. Thus, if you are an iPhone user looking for how to block a number on an iPhone, we …

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Can Android See When iPhone Is Typing?

There has been a superiority battle between iPhone users and Android users because iPhone comes with advanced features. Some go to the point to prove that the functionality is different, which brought about the topic can android see when iPhone is typing? Yes, Android will be able to see when your iPhone is typing. This …

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Why Does My Airpods Sound Muffled On Mac?

Why Does My Airpods Sound Muffled On Mac

The AirPods is one of the most expensive earbuds that confer impressive sound quality and a long-life battery In addition, the AirPods Pro have Active Noise Cancellation [ANC] system that reduces unwanted background noise through noise-canceling speak. However, it doesn’t matter how expensive your AirPods are, or what model you own, AirPods are not without …

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Why Does My Location Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Location Keep Turning Off

Latest smartphones offer location services as a standard feature. From the ability to quickly locate friends to help you find the nearest gas station, the conveniences made possible through these services have really improved life. But there are many times when you experience that your location keeps turning off, and these inconsistencies can be very …

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How to Turn off Pop up Blocker on Mac?

How to Turn off Pop up Blocker on Mac

While surfing the internet on your Mac, you must have come across pop-ups and know how it works. Some websites’ pop-ups are so irritating that it worsens your web browsing experience. On the contrary, some pop-ups are helpful and essential to continue to the website. One of the annoying incidents might have led you to …

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