How Recover Unsaved Screen Recording iPhone?

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Recording something on an iPhone will be saved in the default storage path. If you are not finding the recording file, you have either deleted it or it’s not saved yet because of the large file size. Don’t panic as it’s possible to recover an unsaved screen recording on an iPhone.

So, how can you recover unsaved screen recording iPhone? Well, it’s tricky but not impossible. The was unsaved because of your low storage. You need to check if there is enough space available for the recording to be saved. If not, delete some files and go to the recently deleted files. Here you will find the recording. Restore it and check the gallery. It will be there in the gallery.

Another possible reason for this issue can be bugs. There was a bug in the iOS update that was responsible for this issue. You need to fix the issue by updating the current version of your device. Update your iPhone to the latest version if you don’t want to encounter this issue anymore.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are a Mac user, the recording will be found on the desktop as a .mov file. Any recording is automatically saved on this default location.
  • The recording is sometimes unsaved if there is not enough space available on your phone.
  • Unsaved screen recording on iPhone can also occur as a result of bugs. 

How Recover Unsaved Screen Recording iPhone

Check iCloud and Dropbox

First of all, you should check iCloud and Dropbox to check if the video is available there. Your iPhone will automatically upload the videos there if the backup is enabled.  You should check the cloud storage as well. If it’s available there, download it by ensuring enough space for the recording. You will never be able to recover a recording if it’s permanently deleted and doesn’t have any backup uploaded on the cloud.

Check iCloud and Dropbox

Use Third-Party Tools

If you can’t find the video on both iCloud and Dropbox you should try recovery tools. There is third-party software available that you may use to recover screen recordings on your iPhone. You may have to pay a charge to use these applications. Dr. Fone is an application developed by Wondershare used to recover lost data. It has a trial version as well. You may first try the trial version and check the effectiveness.

The tool will check if the recording was saved for a while or not. If the video was available in any of the storage and got deleted, it will be recovered by using the tool.

How to Solve Unsaved Screen Recording iPhone?

If you are constantly experiencing this problem, you should now attempt to resolve it. It’s happening because of any bug or default setting. So how to solve the issue?

Let’s have a look at the most common and effective solution to this problem.

First, go to settings and select the Safari browser. Scroll to the Advanced menu and tap on Website Data. Check if there is any data and clear it. Go back and select Clear History and Website Data. This will let you have enough storage that will save the recording on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Solve Unsaved Screen Recording iPhone

Go to settings again and check iPhone storage or space. Tap General and check if the device is updated to the latest versions. If the device is not updated, you will have the option to update it to the latest version.

That’s how you keep your device away from bugs and get the recording saved.

Tips To Avoid Quicktime Screen Recording Not Saving

Tips To Avoid Quicktime Screen Recording Not Saving

Here are some tips you may follow to avoid Quicktime Screen Recording now saving –

  • Firstly, make sure there is enough space in your device
  • Change the default storage to desktop or familiar paths
  • Keep the device updated with the latest version
  • Fix bugs related to the macOS version
  • Enable autosave option to have the file saved automatically
  • Don’t change the file format from the default one

Final Words

If any video is permanently deleted from your device, it can’t be restored without any backup. Enable the iCloud and Dropbox backup to have a backup available for any media files. Keep your device updated and ensure good storage is available that will save screen recording automatically. This will store your movies and spare you from any unnecessary troubles.

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