How to Change Messenger Language? – Different Devices!!

How to Change Messenger Language

Messenger is a widely used social media platform powered by Facebook, Inc. More than 1.3 billion users globally use Messenger, and around 90 million big and small businesses are highly related to this platform. Being used worldwide, it offers a large number of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Although the default language …

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How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban – Getting Rid Device Blockage

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban

Nothing is more irritating than having your device banned from an app you love to use. Yes, you guessed right, we’re talking about Snapchat, and you can get a Snapchat device block for several reasons. However, the most common reason is violating the terms and conditions. Well, no matter for whatever reason you get that …

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Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted?

Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted? This can happen due to unacceptable business practice, misleading claims, adult content, and so on. Nowadays, we are noticing that Facebook ad accounts are getting restricted. This is annoying if you are a Facebook advertiser, and still it is the main source of your traffic. Your Facebook ad …

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How To Fix Facebook Messenger Stuck On Sent?

Facebook Messenger Stuck On Sent

Facebook is not just a social platform anymore; it has become one of the vital apps in the present age. And about the messenger, we use it more than our phone’s default calling and texting applications. However, due to some bugs, we face plenty of minor issues while using the messenger. Consequently, today, the question …

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