Home Network Diagram With Switch and Router – Explaining layouts

Home Network Diagram With Switch And Router

If you’re a heavy internet user, you’re probably aware that Wi-Fi can be temperamental at times. It’s frustrating not to have a strong connection, or frequent signal dropping—particularly when working from home, gaming online, or streaming a film. In any case, you can solve your slow internet woes by hardwiring your devices with a router-switch …

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Are Wi-Fi Extenders Safe?

Are Wi-Fi Extenders Safe to Use

In this day and age, Wi-Fi has become an intricate part of how we use the internet. Beyond the cabled LAN and mobile networks, Wi-Fi offers easy, fast, and uninterrupted connectivity unlike any of its counterparts with its only limitation being the coverage. And that’s where the Wi-Fi extenders come to the rescue. Simply put, …

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Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good for Gaming?

Is Mesh Wi-Fi Good For Gaming

Is mesh wifi good for gaming? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that question. That is because a mesh wifi system works as a double-edged sword. This network system is good for slower-moving and turn-based games. On the other hand, mesh wifi is not good for fast-paced games that require a latency-free connection. Perhaps …

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How To Change Wi-Fi Password In Mobile [Two Different Ways]

How To Change Wi-Fi Password In Mobile

Most wireless routers come with a default Wi-Fi name and password to connect to any device. This default password is easy to guess, and anyone can easily connect to your router. If you are not sure about changing the Wi-Fi password, especially on mobile, this article is for you. Here you will get step-by-step instructions …

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How To Create A Wi-Fi Network Without Internet?

How To Create A Wi-Fi Network Without Internet

Internet providers often cut the connection if you delay payment a bit. If you are a busy person, the disconnection can be even more frustrating. That’s when you end up looking for temporary solutions like how to create a wifi network without internet. Your wi-fi signal doesn’t depend on the internet. Whether you have subscribed …

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How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wi-Fi [Two Easy Methods]

How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wi-Fi

Dealing with a slow internet connection is not only annoying but also time-crashing. The annoyance will increase a few times when you get slow internet, even after having the fastest plans. Most people who face such problems usually move forward to upgrade the existing internet plan instead of checking the connected devices. They don’t have …

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Does Barnes And Noble Have Free Wi-Fi?

Does Barnes And Noble Have Free Wi-Fi

Barnes and Noble is considered the biggest bookstore chain in the United States. It has 614 retail stores across all 50 states in America. They are different from regular bookshops, because they come with a small Starbucks Cafe, and all the benefits that a user needs. Each and every Barnes & Noble store has a …

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