How To Check Wifi Router History On Android?

How To Check Wifi Router History On Android

In the modern and digital world, most unlawful act happens using the internet. People go astray by visiting the wrong websites. Assuming you doubt the behavior of your friend or family, you may want to check their browsing history. You can check the browsing history using the wifi router and your android device. It can …

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Layer 3 Switch Vs Router: Which is Better?

Layer 3 Switch vs Router

Be it your home, school or business, wherever there’s a wi-fi connection, you will surely find a router. Without these handy little devices, we’d never be able to access the internet on which we all rely. But not all LANs are built around routers; some networks, particularly large and complex enterprise networks, are built around …

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Do I Need A Wifi Router With Spectrum?

Do I Need A Wifi Router With Spectrum

So, you got high-speed internet from Spectrum. That’s great, who wouldn’t want faster internet? But did you know that the modem they provide might not be the best one for your needs? At this point a new question may arise do you need a new router? Well, the strategic answer is yes! You would need …

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How To Test Ethernet Cable Without Tester?

How To Test Ethernet Cable Without Tester

If you believe your Ethernet cable is having connection issues, you may quickly test it to discover what is the issue it’s encountering. The problems can sometimes be from your ISP and the cable itself. Plus, Very few people have the right tool or access to an Ethernet cable tester to determine the issue. So, …

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Can I Use A Phone Sim In A 4G Router?

Can I Use A Phone Sim In A 4G Router

Most conventional broadband routers are hard and expensive to set up. People nowadays are becoming more interested in using portable or wireless 4G routers. It is because 4G routers are a great way to stay connected to the virtual world conveniently. So, if you’re getting a 4G router then you may want to know: Can …

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How To Run Ethernet Cable Through Exterior Wall? [Step-by-Step Procedure]

How To Run Ethernet Cable Through Exterior Wall

Sometimes you might need to run an Ethernet cable through the exterior wall. However, it might be challenging at times. So, if you have been wondering how to run Ethernet cable through exterior wall, you’ve come to the right place. Inserting an Ethernet cable through an outside wall necessitates using a few tools and drilling …

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How To Stop Wifi Owner See Your History?

How To Stop Wifi Owner See Your History

If you are using someone’s wi-fi connection, it may concern you about the websites you are visiting. In such cases, you may ask yourself how to stop wifi owners see your history? There are several effective ways to avoid the owner looking into your history, such as changing the DNS, using VPN, and more. It …

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Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together?

Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together

While using the internet in-home or office, sometimes the length of the ethernet cables falls short. It may happen while connecting your device directly or connecting the router from the network adapter. A question may pop into your head Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together? You can connect two ethernet cables together. But there …

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3 Antenna Router Positioning: Everything You Should Know

About 3 Antenna Router Positioning

Are you looking for different router positions that could get the best Wi-Fi signal strength in your home? Well, Only having a three-antenna router doesn’t ensure higher internet coverage. To get rid of any blind spot regarding Wi-Fi connection, you should have proper knowledge about 3 antenna router positioning. The best position for the three …

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