Can I Use A 12V Adapter For 9V Router?

Can I Use A 12V Adapter For 9V Router

Routers are necessary to access the internet via Wi-Fi. However, if your old plug or adapter breaks that you used to power up your router, you might want to use a spare from the already available ones. Let’s consider the fact that you might be in an emergency situation, and there are no other choice …

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Do Network Switches Have IP Addresses?

Do network switches have ip addresses

We all know that devices that are connected to the same network have an individual IP address. But what about network switches? Since they are a component of that network system, you might be wondering if they have IP addresses. To be precise, whether the network switch has an IP address is dependent on the …

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Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed

Ethernet is the standard technology for connecting computer devices in a wide area network (WAN) or wired local area network (LAN). It supports the communication of devices by using a common network language. Using Ethernet cables for network connectivity is generally less powerless to disruptions. It also offers a great capacity for network control and …

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Does WI-FI Work without Electricity?

Does Wi-Fi Work without Electricity

The rapid rise of technology has developed a wireless internet connection that links technology gadgets like computers and tablets to the internet. The internet has become a domiciliary requirement due to its countless functions in people’s lives. The wireless connection to the internet happens over a powered wireless router that permits Wi-Fi compatible gadgets to …

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