Does a Modem Affect Internet Speed?

Does a Modem Affect Internet Speed

Your internet connection can slow down for various reasons. This could be due to faulty wiring, malware and virus, bad ISP, or a bad router. But, does a modem affect internet speed? Indeed, a modem doesn’t directly affect your internet speed. But I’m some cases it can contribute to the slower speed. How? The modem, …

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Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed?

Do Ethernet Splitters Reduce Speed

Did you know that you can have multiple devices connected to one internet server using just an ethernet splitter? Does that mean you don’t need more than one router /modem? Yes, you only need one router. That sounds great, but while ethernet splitter allows you to connect many devices, do ethernet splitters reduce speed? Yes, …

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Can A Modem Overheat? Find Out Why, How & Ways to Prevent Overheating

Can a Modem Overheat

It’s hard to imagine a household without any Internet connection. And it’s even harder to survive a day without the internet due to network device malfunctions. Modems are one of these devices. But what happens when the modem goes bad? Can a modem overheat due to long-term usage? Yes, modems can overheat. Modems are designed …

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Can A Router Overheat?

Can a Router Overheat

Routers are one essential network device that connects your smartphones, gadgets, and computers with the internet. When you buy a router, it usually comes with a setup guide that helps you set up the router and use it properly. But if anything goes, can a router overheat? Yes, a router can overheat when exposed to …

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Can An Old Computer Slow Down Internet? 6 Easy Fixes You Can Try Today!

Can an Old Computer Slow Down the Internet

Your computer plays a huge role in determining how fast the internet speed will be. A computer that aced all aspects only 5 years ago is no longer the same today. Nevertheless, we all want decent performance, especially when it comes to internet browsing. But, can an old computer slow down internet speed? And if …

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