How to Delete Chegg Account and Data?

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Many people prefer reading online textbooks rather than buying their physical counterparts. Thanks to the Chegg platform since it hosts many books from different authors. The readers need to create an account and subscribe by making payments to enjoy the service.

But it can be a nightmare when it comes to how to delete Chegg account and data. Canceling a Chegg account is super easier than deleting. The user will be forced to contact the Chegg support team to help delete the account and data.

Deleting Chegg account and personal data may sound simple. But there are crucial factors to consider before making the decision. In this article, we will teach you how to delete Chegg accounts and data in two ways.

Does Deleting Chegg Account Delete Data?

Most people prefer canceling the subscription since it allows them to order textbooks, writing tools, and flashcards rather than deleting the option. You can re-activate the subscription at a later stage.

So, does deleting a Chegg account delete data? Yes. Deleting a Chegg account will remove all your details from the website.

Does Deleting Chegg Account Delete Data

If you decide to use the Chegg service again, you will need to start a new account. But deleting a Chegg account can be a daunting experience.

Contacting the Chegg customer support team through email and filling web form can help delete the account easily. Remember to close all open transactions to facilitate a faster-deleting process.

Do I Need to Remove Credit Card Info Before Deleting Chegg Account?

A Chegg dashboard does not come with a deletion option. The interface design makes it challenging to delete the account in the long run.

Many users prefer canceling the Chegg account over deletion since they may need it in the future. Removing the credit card will help avoid incurring monthly charges of subscriptions.

So, do I need to remove credit card info before deleting the Chegg account? Not really. Deleting the Chegg account will result in the permanent removal of personal data.

When you remove the credit card from the Chegg account, there will be no need to delete the account. The credit card will not experience monthly subscription charges in the long run.

Continue reading this article guide to learn how to delete Chegg’s account and data. The methods mentioned in this article are authentic and effective.

How to Delete Chegg Account and Data?

Sending a direct email to the customer team and filling the account deletion form are the two effective ways to delete a Chegg’s account and data. Let’s find that out together now:

How to Delete Chegg Account and Data

Method 1: Filling the Web Form

Filling out the account deletion form on a web browser is the most reliable method for deleting a Chegg account and data. Below are quick steps to follow:

  • Sign in to your Chegg account on a web browser
  • Select my account from the top right corner
  • Click orders to check any open transactions
  • Cancel all active subscriptions and return rented books
  • Fill out the privacy web form
  • Enter first name, last name, and email
  • Pick data deletion request under select request type
  • Submit and confirm the identity by clicking the email sent to you
  • The deletion request will start after email confirmation

Method 2: Sending Email

Sending a direct email to the Chegg customer care team is another reliable and effective method for deleting the account. Below are quick steps to follow:

  • Open your email account and tap compose an email button.
  • Write Request to Delete My Chegg Account as the subject.
  • Enter to the Send Tab.
  • Compose the email requesting an account and data removal.
  • Close all the open transactions on your Chegg account and return rented books.
  • Send the email after meeting the above condition and wait for a response from the customer service team.
  • The deletion process will remove your information permanently from the Chegg website. You can create a new account if you need the Chegg services again.

How Long Does Chegg Account Take to Delete Your Account?

Deleting a Chegg account via email and filling out the web form is a no-brainer task. These are the most reliable and effective methods for removing personal data from the Chegg website.

So, how long does the Chegg account take to delete your account? The account and data deletion process will take 30 days. You will receive a confirmation email from the Chegg customer care team.

But the deletion duration depends on the method. Filling out a web form method usually takes a week or two to complete the process. The email option may take a day or a month to complete.

If you requested the deletion via a live chat, the process can take two or three hours. Be sure to close all the open transactions and return rented books to finalize the process.

What Happen If I Delete My Chegg Account Permanently?

When you delete a Chegg account, all your data will be removed from the Chegg website. I recommend canceling the Chegg subscription instead of deleting it.

Canceling allows the user to reactivate the Chegg subscription service when there is a need. Besides that, a canceled account enables the user to access flashcards, rented books, and writing tools.

If you deleted the account permanently, there are other ways to sell the books. Take time to read about the selling books method without having a Chegg account.


Learning how to delete Chegg account and data is a crucial element to master. It will help you avoid subsequent charges from the subscription. Besides that, the process will help remove your personal information from their website permanently.

You will be expected to create a new account if you plan to access the website in the future. Creating a new account is super easy when compared to deleting an existing one. You only need to fill in the necessary details where possible.

You can delete a Chegg account by sending a direct email and live chatting with a customer support personnel. My favorite option is filling out the webform since it allows me to close all open transactions before deleting the account.

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