How To Recover Deleted User Mac?

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Deleting a mac user removes the associated file and everything used by the user. The account can be deleted for system bugs or viruses as well.  If you have accidentally deleted your mac account, there are multiple ways available to recover the deleted user. You will be able to recover the user and the data.

So, how can you recover a deleted user mac? You can recover the user profile by using the system restore point. Using the .dmg file may get your user profile back. The data of the deleted profile was saved on a .dmg file.

The .dmg file can be used to recover deleted users on macOS. Dmg is a file format that stands for Disk iMaGe and is used in Mac for software distribution. When you double-click a DMG file, the virtual drive will be mounted on your Mac.

  • To start the recovery process, go to finder and select the storage drive of your mac.
  • Click on the Deleted Users folder. You need to navigate to the .dmg file and copy all the files from there.
  • Make a new directory with the same name that you want to recover.
  • Paste the files here and select Create User.

If you follow the exact method as described, you will get the data and the user after restarting your Mac.

This trick will be successful if the data is not permanently not deleted from the mac. You will get the data back by using this recovery method. You may also use third-party software to recover the data of a deleted user.

How To Recover Deleted User Mac

There are lots of software available for purposes. Pick one with a high success rate. You may use Wondershare Recoverit software that may get you the data back. The app comes with a premium version. This is equipped with a deep recovery engine and algorithm with a better success rate.

Key Points

  • It’s possible to restore a deleted user profile on a Mac by using Recoverit software by Wondershare.
  • If you remove a user on mac, the user profile gets deleted and all the data of the user goes into the trash.
  • Open Finder and click on the Go menu and search for Deleted Users to view the deleted accounts

What Happens when You Delete a User on Mac?

When you delete a user on a Mac, you also delete all of that user’s documents. The data will be archived for a specific period so that the user can restore it if needed. The backup will be deleted once the specific period is over. You won’t be able to recover the user once it’s deleted from the trash.

What Happens when You Delete a User on Mac

How Do I Restore My Mac Book to Factory?

If you plan to sell or reset your MacBook, you should restore your MacBook to factory. So how can you restore your MacBook to factory?

How Do I Restore My Mac Book to Factory

First of all, make a backup of your Mac into another PC or external drive. Sign Out from the iCloud account and other accounts as well. Open the System Preference of your device. Select Erase All Contents and Settings. Follow the instructions that appeared on the screen. That’s how you restore your MacBook before selling it or making it as it was before.

Final Words

Don’t panic if you mistakenly deleted your mac user account. Before trying any third-party software, it’s recommended to try the tricks. Don’t try any paid software as there are lots of scams available online. You should always keep a backup of the important files to keep yourself safe from any unwanted situations.

Hi, this is your friend Nurul Islam, the founder of the site “Technab.” I am a computer hardware engineer. After graduation, I joined a renowned networking tools manufacturing company as an IT specialist and hardware technician.

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