Can Roku Work Without WiFi?

Can Roku Work Without Wifi

No matter if you’re using a Roku TV or a Roku player, all Roku products require internet access to work. You’ll require an internet or Wi-Fi connection in order to watch your favorite media content like movies and TV shows. However, a big problem arises when you don’t have internet access and want to stream …

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How To Fix Xfinity Gateway Blinking Green?

xfinity gateway blinking green

Blinking green light is a common issue faced by Xfinity Gateway users. This blinking green issue refers to the router’s trouble connecting to the internet. If connection issues happen, you can simply look for the loose connection and power outage to fix your router. However, there‘re also some other reasons behind this trouble, so it …

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Why Does My Wifi Lag When I Play Games?

Why Does My WiFi Lag When I Play Games

You’re playing a game, and you’re totally in the zone. Then suddenly, the ominous thing happens—the screen gets jittery, and there’s lag. You try restarting your router and/or console, but nothing helps—even with a high-speed connection. Then you ask yourself in exasperation- Why does my Wifi lag when I play games? The two main factors …

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How To Fix Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem?

How To Fix Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem

Among various video streaming services, Amazon Prime is one of the best providers. But it feels very annoying when you see the “Internet Connectivity Problem” message on your device. It doesn’t allow access to the server and stream music or video. Prime subscription service is usually accessed through mobile devices, tablets, or Smart TVs. Whether …

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